A defensive midfielder for Tokyo Select who was involved in the Rossa soccer club; his jersey number is 6. Though he thinks a little too highly of himself and shows it, he seems to be the most social between him, Sanada Kazuma and Kaku Eishi, and so is the first between the three of them to notice Shou's talent.

He likes messing with hair.


Yuto first appears in Vol. 12 IN THE DISTANCE when he jeers at Kazamatsuri Shou and Sugihara Taki, who are lying on the field and enjoying the grass, alongside with his friends.

Playing StyleEdit

Yuto's approach is to act as something like a moving wall; rather than focus on the ball or any single person, he gets in the way where members of the opposing team might otherwise move freely. Because of this, though it isn't enough to be noteworthy, he needs to have at least a decent understanding for the flow of the game, so he can read where to be. He's not short, but he's still smaller than a lot of other defenders, especially other wall-like defenders, and seems to make up for this difference by getting up close in the opponents' space. Somehow, he seems to be an injury magnet; he's often getting rammed into or shoved around, and when he gets antsy he's quick to lash out himself. Although he's a talented player, he's impulsive and prone to mistakes, especially so because he prefers to do things himself.