Shoei Takayama was a defender and a member of the Kyushu Select soccer team. Shoei had not been
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playing soccer for long before he joined the team, and before starting soccer, he had played basketball. However, Shoei always felt confined while playing basketball, and though he had some doubts about soccer, he soon grew to enjoy it.


Prior to joining the Kyushu Select team, Shoei played basketball. However, he felt restricted and was often called on fouls, until the soccer coach approached him. At first, Shoei thought that soccer was "totally lame" compared to basketball but soon grew to like the game.

Some point after starting soccer, Shoei's skills were recognized, and he was invited to join the Kyushu Select soccer team. When he was at the Japanese Torsen, he accidentaly bumped into Sho Kazamatsuri, and his contact lenses fell out. Feeling very angry at Sho, Shoei stood up, and almost stepped on his lenses as he tried to find them, but Sho saved them. Because of what Sho did, Shoei soon became friends with him. The night before Kyushu's game against Tokyo Select, the two practiced and ate ramen together. Sho attempted to use his vanishing feint on Shoei, who thought he was being reckless, and jumped out of the way.

In the game the next day, Shoei proved that he was on the Kyushu Select team for a reason. He exhibited extremely fast turns, and was even able to stop Sho's vanishing feint by catching up to him after he had gone by. However, when Kyushu Select was up by one point, and Shoei had a penalty kick, he was goaded by Daichi Fuwa into kicking the ball straight at him. Daichi stopped the shot, and Tokyo eventually tied the game up. In overtime, when Shoei was in a one-on-one with Sho, he let the forward get around him, and was scored on, resulting in Tokyo winning the game.

Three years later, Shoei was invited to join the Japanese U-19 team.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Shoei was an exceptionally good defender, and what he lacked in skill, he more than made up for in sheer instinct. Because of his basketball training, he was able to make very fast turns, and his body moved instinctively when he was passed, allowing him to catch up before he even realized what had happened. Apparently, no one had ever scored while facing him one-on-one until he played against Sho.

Shoei was a kind person, but not the most intelligent. He had a habit of doing strange things like randomly entering ninja poses, and accidentaly telling people things they weren't supposed to know. Shoei was a bit arrogant, and he bragged that he was able to stop Raul.