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Hiba Junior High's centre back as well as their captain; he was the driving force behind the creation of the team a year ago (as the school had, initially, opposed the founding of a football club). Often underestimated due to his looks, Tsubasa has the abilities as well as the confidence to defend his position. He wears the jersey number four both for Hiba and Tokyo Select.


Tsubasa makes his first appearance with the rest of Hiba's defence in chapter 81, when he seeks out Tenjou Ryoichi after having beaten his team in a match some time before. After talking him down for his bad performance and 'lack of talent' Tsubasa challenges him, as well as the group from Sakura Josui to a futsal match.


Three years later, Tsubasa was invited to join the Japanese U-19 team.

Playing Style Edit

On first glance, Tsubasa is an unlikely defender if there ever was one. His (lack of) height and slight frame differentiate him even from his own teammates, which isn't to say that he makes a bad job of it. As centre back he utilises his sharp intellect and ability to see three moves ahead, directing the players as he sees fit. He has a bold but calculated playing style, willing to take on a charging player by himself or even to leave the penalty area behind. It has been mentioned that Tsubasa could play any given position thanks to his abilities. He has a very good sense of balance, is extremely quick on his feet and packs a lot more power behind his shots than one expects.