A forward on Tokyo Select who was once involved in the Rossa soccer club; his jersey number is 20. One of the three to come to Tokyo Select directly from club soccer, he considers himself one of the elite and has a major superiority/inferiority complex over it.

Although he gradually learns to accept and respect others outside their group, he still only ever really gets along with Kaku Eishi and Wakana Yuto.


Kazuma first shows up in Vol 12. IN THE DISTANCE, when he makes a stunning first impression by mocking Kazamatsuri Shou and Sugihara Taki from afar while they lay on the grass.

Playing StyleEdit

When Shou compared himself to the other forwards in the selection process, he described Kazuma as "fast and accurate." Possibly from having so much experience playing with one another, he and Eishi compliment each other well; they both favor quick, efficient techniques and strategies, and both can easily handle the footwork to achieve it, which they often display with one-touch plays. Kazuma is far more likely to shoot than pass, but this is because he usually comes in at the end of a play that's been set up for the opportunity, making it a tendency of practically rather than preference. He's ruthlessly aggressive, usually for the better, but because he's also psychologically vulnerable and heavily dependent on his friends, it can turn on him and make him predictable and sloppy in a down swing.