Kazu Kunugi was the goalkeeper (GK) for the Kyushu Select soccer team. He was an adept GK, and helped his team to victory for the first round of the Japanese Torsen, during which he had a shut-out streak. However, his streak was broken due to a misinterpretation of the referee's call. He showed an impressive preformance throughout the rest game, including pulling off a bycicle kick in a one-on-one with Sho Kazamatsuri. However, despite his best efforts, Kyushu Select lost to the Tokyo Select. Three years later, Kazu was invited to join the Japan U-19 team.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kazu was a proficient GK despite his short stature, and was seen to pull of many spectacular saves in Kyushu's game against Tokyo Select. In addition, he was later part of the Japanese U-19 team, which is further evidence of his skill.

Kazu had a particularly violent tendency, especially towards his teammate, the somewhat inept Shoei Takayama. However, Kazu was not a mean person, and despite being somewhat full of himself, which was seen when he bragged that he was a better GK than Katsuro Shibusawa, he was able to recognize and compliment talent. Kazu also had a liking for his camo-patterned hat, which he wore every game.